Pilates Mat - highly recommended by our Users

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For maximum safety and comfort during any of our Pilates classes, you'll need to invest in a Pilates mat.

You can buy your Think Pilates Mats from eBay or Amazon from  £23 - £30. Recommend: Fitness-Mad.

Airex Coronella is the best quality Pilates mats used by Physio Therapists - these Pilates mats is highly recommended by CR Pilates current members.  They are more expensive between £70 - £130 but will last you years.


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Please note that for the duration of the lockdown situation whilst there is a global pandemic, and until government indicates that it is safe to return to normal, there will be no classes at Denmead, Emsworth, Waterlooville, until further notice.

We are currently running some online classes, contact us if you need more details about our online classes, or check our Facebook page.

The Times - "Get a Pilates Bod"

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Peta Bee of The Times Weekend has written a great article about the benefits of Pilates on the body.  Joseph Pilates, the creator of the Pilates system in the early 20th Century, developed this comprehensive system of exercises for his military compatriots and later in New York where he opened a studio which soon became popular with ballet dancers.  Pilates is now used by many Olympians and world class athletes.  Peta Bee quotes Jon Ashton, former professional footballer turned fitness coach for Stevenage PC "I now use (Pilates) with all of the players I coach as it impr

Why do regular exercises to strengthen my back?

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Regular exercise can help reduce your risk of developing a herniated disc by slowing down the age-related deterioration of the discs in your back. It can also help keep your supporting back muscles strong and supple.

For further reading on this, go to the NHS Choices website or follow this link:

Exercise Bands

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When practising Pilates, you'll need to invest in an exercise bands for maximum comfort.

We have recently purchased some of these exercise bands - either 1.5 m or 2 m - they can be cut to your preferred length.

Price per band is £5.50 - £6.50 depending on length.

Contact us if you'd like to buy a Pilates exercise band.